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Risk assessments - school visits

The organization of a school visit in the garden implies on the part of the group coordinators the observance of the following CONTROL MEASURES:

  • Schools will follow their own safety guide.
  • The schools will obtain the consent of the parents before the visit.
  • Teachers will make their own risk assessments for the activities they have proposed with students / preschoolers.
  • The educational units will read the information on the garden's website and will follow the indications regarding the existing risks.
  • The educational units will bring their own first aid equipment and will have specialized personnel in the field.
  • Schools will have at least one mobile phone in working order.
  • The group leaders will inform the group of any potential dangers and will supervise the children throughout the visit.
  • Group coordinators will avoid children's contact with poisonous plants and, if there are children with allergies, will ensure distance from allergens.
  • The educational units will follow the weather report and will adjust the visit plan, depending on it.
  • Group leaders will ensure that students wear appropriate clothing and footwear during the visit.
  • The educational units will ensure the good training of the group coordinators and the fact that they understand their role in carrying out the visit.
  • Schools will provide food and drink for children if necessary
  • Group coordinators will make sure that all children wash their hands after activities and before eating.