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Tips - successful school visits

  •   We recommend that teachers study the park plan before visiting.
  •   A pre-visit is also welcome. For free access, bring a certificate from the school, signed by the head of department or principal.
  •   We remind you that you must make your own assessment of the risks associated with visiting the park with children. It would be advisable to have a first aid kit with you in case of an incident / accident and the knowledge necessary to use it.
  •   Supervision of the children throughout the visit is important. Children are ambassadors for their school and can come into contact with regular visitors or children from other schools. The park has the right to ask groups that do not behave responsibly to leave the place.
  •   Please let us know how you intend to visit: by minibus, tram, bus, etc.
  •   Snacks, ice cream, juices, tea, must be ordered in advance.